Intensive Driver training Courses Leeds

If you have driven before and are thinking of future lessons or one of our intensive courses then we can do an assessment with you at £24 for 1 and a half hours or £32 for 2 hours at the end of which will give you an idea of what it is you require to do to get to the standard to enable you to pass the practical driving test. This payment is to be made in advance via internet banking or on the day of the assessment in cash. In the event of you decided to take one of our courses we will need to take deposit of £100 with the balance to be paid on commencement of the course if you have passed your theory test we can then book a driving test if you wish after the assessment and plan the hours  accordingly. Should you wish to do this we would advise that you bring your work rotor/ time table with you.

Intensive driver training or “crash courses” as some people call them are for people who are wanting to pass their driving test in a shorter period of time.  Driving instructors who specialise in this are prefer not to call them crash courses for obvious reasons.  If a student is looking for a driving crash course / intensive driving courses then they usually want to pass quicker or they find that there preferred method of training is in longer periods.  There are advantages to intensive driver training courses.  Students can be on the road from 1 to 6 weeks depending on pervious experience and general ability.  This has always been the preferred method of the armed forces as it lets a student focus only on the job in hand.  For more information or to discuss your options please contact us

Intensive course prices

10 Hour Course: £199

12 Hour Course: £235

15 Hour Course: £289

18 Hour Course: £349

20 Hour Course: £385

25 Hour Course: £479


if you wish us to source and book a driving test for you we can do so please add £25 to the intrnsive course prices

30 Hour Course: £575

35 Hour Course: £669

40 Hour Course: £765

45 Hour Course: £859

50 Hour Course: £949